All prices are per person and include equipment.

Standard Package –  £25 includes 300 paintballs
Master Package      – £37 includes 500 paintballs

Premium Package- £60 includes 1000 paint + Smoke Grenade




On Site Prices

£7 per 100 paintballs

Smokebombs: Small £4.00, Large £6.00

Combo Days (Min of 10 players)


Choose your combination of events and we will give you a personal quote.

Choose from Paintball, Laser Tag, Archery, Rifle Shooting , Traverse Wall. Or all of them if your feeling energetic or want a challenge !!!!

Design your day and we’ll give you a quote, you ask we will endeavour to fulfil your requirements, Various food options catered for.


  • TIP 1: Wear sturdy, comfortable footwear which you don’t mind getting dirty (not your best trainers)
  • TIP2: Bring gloves and hat for added protection.
  • TIP 3: Bring a change of clothes if it looks like being a wet day.

Paintball is a game in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with capsules containing water soluble dye and gelatin shell outside (referred to as paintballs) propelled from a device called a paintball marker (commonly referred to as a paintball gun). Paintballs are composed of a non-toxic, biodegradable, water soluble polymer. The game is regularly played at a sporting level with organized competition involving worldwide leagues, tournaments, professional teams, and players.